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where your loved ones are, Gone But Never Forgotten. has been designed to help you create a lasting record of your loved one's final resting place.
In most cases only the immediate family will have any knowledge of where the ashes are being kept or have been scattered.
With more and more people choosing to be cremated, families have few choices of what to do with the ashes. Some people, before moving on,
request what to have done with their ashes, but not everyone does.

Having their ashes interred in a memorial wall or rose garden in a cemetery, may provide one option,
but at a substantial cost and not always a permanent site.

Storing their ashes in an urn will find some feeling obligated to keep them at home, but this does not appeal to all and may become overwhelming.
And to others, they may have cultural sensitivities.

Increasingly many are leaving a final request to have their ashes scattered in a location of personal or sentimental significance.
When this occurs the only people that will know of the final location of the ashes could be those that are present at the scattering.

When future generations want to know what became of their ancestors,
without a permanent online record their ashes location will remain unknown.

This is how is designed to help. By creating a permanent online record,
the memory of your loved one, along with the details of the location of where their ashes have been scattered,
will mean that they are Gone But Never Forgotten.

At we don't believe in annual subscriptions or ongoing charges,
please remember that our once only small fee is forever.

When those nearest and dearest to us depart we are left with fond and treasured memories.

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